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Start a Podcast Using WordPress

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With industry advertising revenue forecasted to exceed $1B by 2021 and an estimated 62 million people listening to a podcast every week, the right time to start your WordPress podcast is now.

Combining WordPress’ customizable features with a solid podcast hosting plugin is the secret weapon pro podcasters use to save time and expand their brand.

Weekly podcast listening stats

Weekly podcast listening stats

With “searching the internet” as the preferred way for listeners to discover new podcasts, it’s nearly impossible to be included in those search results without a website.

How to Start a Podcast on WordPress

How to start a podcast can feel like a black box. New shows are launched weekly but exactly how the complex inner workings move together requires a bit of education upfront.

Luckily, podcasting isn’t as tough as one might think. In fact, there are only five steps in the way of taking a podcast from idea to reality and we have all the details right here.