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Shareaholic Review: A Suite of Audience-Engaging WordPress Tools

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How Much Does Shareaholic Cost?

Unless otherwise specified, all of the features we showed you above are 100% free.

However, Shareaholic also offers premium plans that get you access to extra functionality like:

  • Social share count recovery
  • More options for controlling related content eligibility
  • Remove the Shareaholic branding from key areas
  • More targeting rules
  • Plus plenty of other smaller features


Shareaholic offers a bunch of helpful features in one package. It’s kind of like Automattic’s Jetpack plugin…but for engaging with visitors and monetizing your site.

If you just want the extra functionality – like social media sharing, related content, after-share actions, and Google Analytics tracking – you can only use those features and skip all the monetization options.

However, if you are looking for new ways to monetize your site, Shareaholic can also help you there with some unique, non-intrusive ways to monetize, like mixing in sponsored content to your related content.

To get started, you can install the free Shareaholic plugin from WordPress.org. From there, you can (optionally) sync it up with a free Shareaholic account, and then configure the individual apps that you want to start using on your site.