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Google News and Google Discover

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What About Redirects?

Previously published articles will be picked up by the Google News crawlers, however, if you’re redirecting to a new site or a new page, you’ll need to make sure you’re using 301 redirects.

It’s good to always review your crawl errors regularly and fix any issues as quickly as possible. Also, make sure the new site doesn’t have any 404 errors.

6. Optimize All Your Pages

Google News shows the most recent headlines, but it also lets visitors customize their feed to only see news from preferred categories.

for you google news

Therefore, your content is just as searchable on Google News as it is on search engines, so make sure it is optimized.

Make your headlines a priority. They need to include relevant keywords for your audience, include numbers if possible, and be compelling.

7. Provide Clear Contact Information about Authors and Company

Google News stories require a few clear aspects that are usually overlooked by site owners. Specifically, as per Google News content policies:

“…News sources on Google should provide clear dates, bylines, information about authors, the publication, the publisher, company or network behind it, and contact information.”

To help prove your content’s validity you want to include contact information with each news story. Bylined articles should include a short author bio at the end, including a professional title, an email address, and even links to social profiles.

What About AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are designed to make viewing web pages on mobile as fast as possible. Google News does show AMP on all its mobile platforms (Web, Android, and iOS).

Do you need AMP for Google News?

AMPs are not required to get a site included in Google News. But without AMP pages, a news-heavy site is probably missing out on a huge amount of potential traffic from mobile search.

So, if you have a site that publishes lots of news articles, it’d be worth implementing valid AMP versions of your articles to score the carousel section in SERPs which exclusively features AMP stories.

If you’re interested in collecting leads through your content, though, you might want to put AMP pages on hold for now.

Best Practices for Submitting Your Site to Google News

Let’s do a quick recap of Google News best practices you can follow:

  • Publish unique, high-quality content.
  • Content must be well written and engaging.
  • Publish on a regular basis.
  • Content must be timely.
  • Craft your titles as news articles that describe the topics. Keep in mind these are news articles and are not written like blog articles.
  • Separate your content so that only news articles are submitted to Google News. Google News excludes articles such as how-tos and job postings.
  • Use relevant images.
  • If possible have multiple authors.
  • Have Contact and About pages.
  • Use a professional WordPress theme to make it look like a news site.
  • Set up Google Analytics and learn how to use it
  • Create a Google News-specific sitemap.
  • Take advantage of Publish Center to manage your publication on Google News.

Once all criteria are met, it’s time to submit your site to Google News to help the search engine know about your site.


Getting your content in front of more people is a daily challenge for content creators. And when it comes to news sites, the competition is fierce. That’s why you should consider giving Google News a try to drive more traffic to your site.

Don’t forget: your news story could end up in different places. Think of Google Discover, for example, which can drive thousands of visits per month to your site, even if you’re in the news industry. Check out our Discover traffic for the last month: almost 8k!

Google Discover traffic stats

Here’s the bottom line:

Although you could just wait for Google News to pick your site, it’s never a bad idea to smooth the process by submitting a properly-created Google News sitemap.

The process is so straightforward and quick, it’ll take you just minutes… so why don’t you give it a try?

Now, we’d like to hear from you: have you ever submitted your site to Google News? What’s your experience there? Do you have anything to add about how to submit a site to Google News?