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Do You Need to Submit Your Site to Google News?

Yes and no.

Let’s recap. At the end of 2019, Google announced the new Google News, which on top of several improvements and a new UI, brings something new on the table:

“We developed a new story-understanding technology to map the people, places and things involved in a news story, and then draw connections between them.”

The new technology powering Google News is a combination of several machine learning techniques, including BERT models.

What is BERT?

I know what you are thinking. It has nothing to do with Sesame Street. For the purpose of this blog post, you should know that BERT is a natural language processing model able to consider the full context of a word by looking at the words that come before and after it. Basically, it is a way for Google to better understand the content on a page.

In part because of this new technology, Google no longer requires you to submit your site to Google News. Now, just because you can automatically appear in Google News doesn’t mean you will. Let’s increase your chances and manually submit to Google News.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t take long.

How to Submit Your Site to Google News

Got to Google’s Publisher Center and click Add publication:

How to add a publication to Google News

Now, you’ll need to fill out some specific information. It’s all pretty self-explanatory:

  • Description of your site.
  • Category that best describes your site.
  • Primary language.
  • Website URL.
  • Point of contact.
  • Tracking (your Google Analytics code).

If you are using the same Google account for both Google News and Google Search Console, you can easily verify your site.

Just click verify in Search Console next to the Website property URL box:

Next, you’ll be able to add an RSS feed to your publication, add a custom logo, and even set up Google ads if you’d like to monetize your content.

Once you’ve filled in everything that’s required and agreed to the terms and conditions, you’ll be able to publish:

Publishing status for your publication in Google News

Told you it wouldn’t take long to submit your site (if you ignore the review process which takes 2 – 4 weeks).

But wait, there’s more.