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PSA: Women are in the software development industry and not just in “front-end” roles!

I have had the unpleasant experience of having several recruiters and coworkers underestimate my skills because I was young and female. It didn’t matter that I had several projects on my github profile showcasing my full stack skills, I probably “only” knew HTML, CSS, and UI design. It didn’t matter that I knew proper git workflow processes while the “senior devs” had no clue how to create a branch. Even asking for more back end tasks led to unnecessary statements like, “Oh, you probably aren’t familiar with that..” or “Are you sure you want the ‘harder’ stuff?” 😡
Luckily I have finally found a job where everyone is treated equally and for their merit and I couldn’t be happier. I just wanted to say, “Look, look at me! I’m a female full stack developer and I can design a whole system all by my pretty little self. Deal with it!” And to others experiencing the same frustrations I am: work hard and prove them wrong! 😎😘
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