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with No Comments 🔁 from @buildtheweb 📸📷 by @livevie_ – i‘m not addicted to books! no! … 😅” . . . #webdev #webdesign #coding #developer #programmer #javascript #css #html #programming #softwaredeveloper #catursemestasolusi #casesol

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via Instagram Gimana liburan kalian? Tentunya sangat menyenangkan, iya kan? ・・・ 📷 by @programmerspage #coffeelover #casesol #CaturSemestaSolusi

Mengidentifikasi Phishing Scam
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Phishing pada pesan email, situs web, dan panggilan telepon dirancang untuk mencuri uang. Penjahat dunia maya dapat melakukan ini dengan menginstal perangkat lunak berbahaya di komputer anda atau mencuri informasi pribadi dari komputer anda. Penjahat cyber juga menggunakan social engineering untuk meyakinkan anda agar menginstal perangkat lunak berbahaya atau menyerahkan … Selanjutnya

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via Instagram This is something to keep in mind when running a business, is your online presence. With so many people searching for businesses via the internet, if you don’t exist on the internet chances are your business doesn’t either. Is your website up to date and responsive? What … Selanjutnya

4 Tips for Creating a Content Calendar That Keeps Your Marketing Efforts on Track
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Today’s busy professionals often juggle multiple clients and overflowing email inboxes. They have far too many tasks than can be handled in an average workweek. When marketing is added to the mix, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. One product launch requires weeks of social media posts and blogs. … Selanjutnya

How to Stay Organized During Team Transitions
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There may come a time in your business when you experience team transitions. As much as you want to keep the same people on your team forever, sometimes that doesn’t happen. For example, one of my virtual team members who has been with my company for years is moving on … Selanjutnya

Thinking About Starting a Business? Here Are Some Important Statistics to Know.
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Entrepreneurship is no walk in the park. In fact, launching a business can be one of the hardest things many people experience in their entire lives. From early mornings to late nights, it’s a time-consuming task, however nonetheless rewarding. Yet, before you take the plunge into entrepreneurship, it’s important to … Selanjutnya

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